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January 2023

Meet our new recruit, Vincent Carpentier

A student in agronomics and agro-industry at UniLaSalle Beauvais, Vincent has done all of the internships at Picvert. He was hired in late 2022. Profile.

Fascinated by nature and everything that grows, Vincent has always had a vegetable garden.

At Picvert, it all began with the farm discovery day in the company of the management team. As Vincent recalls, “What impressed me was how involved everyone was in their job. They were 300% into it. Really passionate about their work.”

Vincent did the internships for 3, 4 and 5year students at Picvert. The essay he wrote at the end of his studies was about the implementation of a demanding new crop, Bimi® broccoli.

A multifaceted position

Today he is in charge of development of this vegetable, but that’s not all. He takes over from the crop managers and must also direct the tests that make it possible to improve the growing techniques of the varieties used. The aim: to become even more environmentally virtuous. This notably involves improved management of water resources and reduction in plant protection products, etc.


A good atmosphere

These challenging undertakings are very demanding. Fortunately, as Vincent notes, “The work is faciltated by the family-like atmosphere. It’s really friendly.


Advice to job applicants

Working at Picvert means you can apply for a diversity of jobs, in the field as well as the office. Our goal: constant improvement while respecting the Earth and humankind. Do you share these values? If so, we can grow together, sustainably!

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