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Tomorrow the Earth is a non-profit organization of fresh or processed fruit and vegetable producers, gathered around a common project of sustainable development. Another way  between organic farming and conventional  farming.

Decrease phytosanitary products
Eliminate processing residues on products
Preserve the quality of water, soils, biodiversity
Control energy consumption
Manage waste recycling and reducing
Foster lasting economic relations
Guarantee good social practices

All of this translates into action, assessed annually by a compliance audit!

A good land is a living land


Located near Amiens, our family farm benefits from fertile loamy soils. The sea, barely 100 km away, brings us a temperate climate. These conditions have always been favorable for growing vegetables, especially salads. Our vegetable productions are integrated into the rotation of traditional field crops, such as cereals and potatoes. This allows the soil to regenerate. The soil retains its natural bacteriological balance.

and Spain

Established in 2007, our farm “The Lagoon Garden” is located 1.5 hours south of Lisbon, on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean. The southern sun provides the heat necessary for winter production, and the sea wind cools our crops during very hot periods. On this site, our action for the respect of the environment is the same as in Picardy. Our farm in Malaga, Spain, got its “Tomorrow the Earth” certification, on the same values.

Our partners
in South Europe

To complement our winter crops, we have established collaboration with farms, particularly in Italy. They are also committed to an ecological approach.

The Picvert farm in Portugal