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March 2024

At Picvert, talented women flourish in the fields and offices

When we talk about an agricultural business, we imagine huge machines and big strong arms. However the increasing number of women in the sector undercuts this notion. This new landscape is quite noticeable at Picvert.

They are everywhere! At our three farms, in Picardy; Malaga, Spain; and Comporta, Portugal for example, and in our fields and offices, doing a great variety of jobs. Women have always assisted in the growth of our family business.

Audrey and Priscilia, presenting the first redesigned packs.


In Picardie

Audrey and Priscilia liven up the sales team. On the phone or at trade shows, they are the contacts for our preferred customers. Or, rather, it is our customers who prefer benefiting from their legendary efficiency and good humor.

Raphaëlle collecting samples for her integrated microbiology lab in Picardy.

Raphaëlle is our quality control manager. She ensures product traceability, monitors compliance with microbiological standards and manages the getting and keeping of our many eco- and environmentally friendly labels: Demain La Terre, Bio Ecocert, Global Gap, Haute Valeur Environnementale, Planet Proof, Leaf…



Angélique and Nadège are a power duo! They manage accounting and human resources.

Alexandra, Picvert Iberica

Our farm in Spain only operates in winter, but the pace is intense in this small unit. Alexandra is in charge of coordinating administrative work and logistics on the site.

She has also helped implement the requirements leading to our obtaining the certificate of compliance with the label Demain La Terre, a player in ecological and energy transition.

Thérèse and Lydie, the all-woman team sponsored by Picvert at the 4L Trophy 2022.

Remember the 4L Trophy? At the wheel were Thérèse and Lydie, two architecture students. For the world’s largest sports and humanitarian student rally, they transported medical and educational materials. The trunk was small, the hearts big. Picvert was proud to be among their sponsors.

Thérèse and Lydie, the all-woman team sponsored by Picvert at the 4L Trophy 2022.


In Portugal

Welcome to the chosen land of our baby vegetables, in top form all year! In 2019, the farm earned the ecological and environmental label Demain La Terre and, in 2021, the Demain La Terre trophy in the Environment category for its water-recycling station.

Marguerite is in charge of baby vegetable production, with Teresa assisting.



They are supported by a team full of women, as you can see below. They work in the fields, the offices and in packaging.

Communications Team

This trio makes sure the garden is always full of fresh ideas! Complementing one another, these imaginative women have worked together for… ever! And that team spirit goes hand-in-hand with creativity and reactivity. They set up Picvert’s new graphics identity in 2018. Since then they have overseen the brand’s visual and editorial consistency, from the smallest label to the advertising displays at trade shows, on social media and even on TV.

Valérie, the soul of L’Atelier Rezai: artistic director, graphics designer and artist; Aurore, illustrator and graphics designer; Eléonore, writer, in charge of social networks.

Aurore and Valérie are graduates of the prestigious Penninghen school. Valérie is the founder of Atelier Rezai, whose expertise lies in panoramic creative strategy, focused on publications, design, corporate identity, advertising and webdesign. Aurore divides her time between graphic design and illustration. She is the founder of Aurore Art Print Studio. Together they conceptualized and produced the fantastic watercolors of baby greens and baby vegetables that make Picvert’s visuals so original. A food writer, Eléonore is specialized in editorial identity for publications, websites & social media.

At all of Picvert’s properties, you will meet women (as well as some men!) of talent, happy to be flourishing along with these fascinating farms.

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