Our ranges

Picvert is at the service of conditioners, consumers and conservators. In all cases, our very involved teams want each type of customer to be satisfied, regardless of how much they order. Our integrated bacteriological control laboratory guarantees healthy and safe products, all year round.

Why our baby leaves are super good and super colorful 


Picvert can handle all volume orders for the sector of our ready to use baby leaves .

The ready-to-use conditioners trust us for the quality and regularity of their supplies. We have developed for them an offer in returnable plastic bins, packaged in pallets.


Our in-house packaging lines allow us to quickly put in trays for large and medium-sized stores or local shops. This device allows a longer shelf life.

As comfortable for great classics like lamb’s lettuce, as for more exotic references like Mizuna!  We also create new seasonal mixes to surprise the consumer.We offer various packaging in trays, in packages of various sizes.

Picvert Gourmet

Aimed at catering professionals, this division offers high-end ready-to-use solutions. We innovate with our packaging in Kristal trays.

Our partners in Rungis distribute all of our product ranges, including for export and long-distance export. Contact us to get the complete list.