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January 2022

Our brand Idées Bio des Jardins d’Hippolyte

Picvert has been growing organics in France every fine season since 2020. These can be found in Naturalia stores.

Picvert is increasingly committed to a greener, more ethical planet. Since 2017, the farm has grown several types of pesticide-free baby greens in Picardy. In 2020, in full lockdown, we entered a new phase, by founding a brand for our organic crops.

Well-designed packaging

The 125-g Mélange de laitues (mixed lettuces) and the Baby Épinards (baby spinach) come packaged in a wooden basket. The materials are studied for packaging optimization. The label colors are simple and few, on a white background to respect the environment while depositing as little pigment as possible.


Delightful, tasteful illustrations


Freshness and a cheerful tone have not been left out, thanks to the delightful sense of humor of the graphics. With  Aurore Art Print Studio and l’Atelier Rezai, the collaboration is savory.

In the fields in Picardy with the Naturalia team: check out the ladybug!

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