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January 2022

We are now plugged into the sun!

Have you noticed what fine weather we have in Picardy? This spring we installed 1200m2 of solar panels, with the focus on self-sufficiency.

The panels started operating on 15 April 2021 at the Estrées-Mons farm in Picardy, enabling us to produce our own electricity. The aim?  To be 100% self-sufficient over time in supplying what gobbles up a lot of energy: refrigeration for the harvests and electricity for the packaging assembly lines.

The weather wasn’t all that good that day but we were totally self-sufficient between 11:30am and 4:30pm.


Pilot site

Our project puts the priority on self-sufficiency. Most farms install panels primarily intended to produce electricity to sell to the network. On the contrary, our objective is to use it on site, with 100% autonomy as the goal. Because of this special feature the region has designated us as a solar farming pilot site.

A reference company

We have enlisted the services of Agriwatt, a reference in solar-panel farming and which, like us, is based in the Hauts-de-France. These teams of electricians and specialized roofers didn’t have to go very far. They do remote monitoring as well as the maintenance of the installations. As such we are sure to have optimal electricity production in the long term.

725 kg of CO2 emissions avoided today!


Picvert plants greener!

To reduce our environmental impact, we also tackle several other jobs at once. To keep our young, freshly harvested greens fresh, we use pioneering technology, free of polluting refrigerating gases. Keep in mind that these greenhouse gases are up to 15 000 times more harmful than CO2.

To improve our carbon footprint we have planted trees. Not just any old trees, but paulownias, which are categorized as “environmentally friendly super-trees.” In fact they grow very quickly and absorb 10 times more carbon dioxide than our oaks and beech trees, which, in addition, are threatened by climate change. Over time our 6 hectares will be as efficient as a 60-hectare forest.


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