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April 2020

Picvert adopts beehives

Involved in the preservation of biodiversity, we wanted to complement the actions undertaken on our farms in favor of auxiliary fauna. We first chose to adopt a colony of bees pampered by  environment-friendly professionals like us.

We have real beekeeping enthusiasts on our teams and we wanted to take action against the decline in bee colonies. Lucky for us, Jean-Bernard was our booth neighbor at the Agriculture Show. Since 2011, he has installed beehives in Auvergne (Haute-Loire and Puy-de-Dôme), in preserved places, rich in plant biodiversity. He created a social and solidarity economy company: Monmiel

The beehives are made in France, from wood from sustainably managed Auvergne forests. The apiaries are sedentary. There is no transhumance: the natural rhythm of the bees is respected. Monmiel complies with the crucial points of the specifications for organic farming but has not yet applied for the Organic label

Honey as a gift

The first 100 jars of honey supplied by our hive are offered to our customers as a end-of-year gift. This is an opportunity to communicate once again in a concrete way about our commitment to preserving the biodiversity of our planet. In addition, the way of being bees embodies values that are dear to us: solidarity, team spirit, sense of common interest.

A sustainable commitment

In addition to this hive, we donated 0.01€ per barquette of pesticide-free salad marketed this year. The success of the approach made it possible to adopt a second hive. And so on ! And why not, in a second step, install hives on our farms thanks to the knowledge of our beekeepers …

Regularly find news from our hive and this operation, right here and on our social networks.

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