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January 2022

An in-house microbiology lab

Our responsibility as growers is to supply beautiful, tasty and absolutely healthy baby greens. Since 2015, we have been conducting most of our microbiological tests in the lab at our Estrées-Mons farm.

Growing in the soil is better for flavors and colors. But that means monitoring the ecosystem’s health. As Quality control manager, Raphaëlle collects samples in the fields one week prior to harvest, as seen below. It’s easier when the weather is good, which isn’t always the case.


Rapid results

The convenience of the in-house lab means Raphaëlle gets results right away, in step as closely as possible with real-time conditions in the field. She tests the possible presence, for example, of E. coli, a very widespread bacteria with a few pathogenic strains. They notably cause gastroenteritis, and we don’t wish that on anyone!

The battery of tests can be expanded. We can have recourse to more specialized labs. Each client has its own protocols with which we comply. And since each batch is traceable, safety is guaranteed.

Rigorous monitoring

Raphaëlle piloted the project for obtaining numerous environmental labels – Demain La Terre, Haute Valeur Environnementale, Bio Ecocert and Global Gap – and works on a daily basis to ensure we keep them. Indeed independent organizations regularly carry out audits. In the end it is a long-term undertaking, for her and all the teams.

In these times of pandemic, we have stepped up our good hygiene and cleaning practices throughout the production chain.

Every day, we work to keep the earth and people healthy.

See this image in our video «Why our baby greens are super tasty and super colorful» in the «Our ranges» section on this website and on our YouTube channel.

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